About Aegis

Art might move hearts; but technology can move people:

Aegis Elevator Private Limited (AEPL) was founded in Ahmedabad, by a team of experienced technopreneurs. Envisioned as a comprehensive resource centre for world class, energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly mobility solutions.

What sets AEPL apart from others is the preparatory phase that preceded the company's inception: an intensive know-how gestation period that lasted years – probably the industry's longest, where mobility technologies, installation issues and maintenance challenges were studied threadbare, improvised upon, innovated on, and significantly improved – tangibly, and deliverably. Offering the customer a new aegis of friendly technology.

AEPL manufactures (custom / standard), installs and services high-performance elevators for the whole gamut of urban edifices – office / residential / commercial / healthcare / hospitality complexes, and other buildings.

Through its precision engineering and highly evolved microprocessor technology, Aegis ensures its customers elevators that combine the best options in safety, convenience, efficiency, reliability and user-friendliness.