Application Areas

Meeting every need, matching every criterion; satisfying every specification:

In a rapidly urbanizing world, where techno-empowered mobility is a critical need, Aegis Elevator offers enduring, high-performance, value-for- time solutions for:

Residential Complexes :

elevators that incorporate the special needs of residential premises – warmth, neatness, safety, convenience, and the efficiency to handle periodic overloads (morning / evening rush).

Corporate Complexes:

customized installations, comprehensive mobility modernization and preemptive maintenance services – for small commercial buildings to skyscrapers. Solutions that incorporate specialized security perspectives as per requirement.

Organizations / Institutions / Multi-utility Spaces:

reliable, safe, swift, prompt, spacious and customized elevators for schools / universities / academies, public venues (libraries, museums, associations, conference venues, convention centres, entertainment venues, stadia), etc. – where a large number of people move simultaneously.

Hotels / Hospitality Complexes:

aesthetically interior-designed, luxuriously styled, elegant, comfortable, brand image-enhancing (monogrammed, etc) elevators.

Malls & Retail / Shopping Complexes:

heavy-duty elevator technologies that enable customers quick and efficient mobility through shopping environments, with the in-built efficacy to handle peak times of the day / weekend rushes.

Healthcare Centres:

quietly efficient, dependable, safe and convenience / comfort-oriented elevators.