Design Percepts

The luxury of choice; the confidence of technology:

Aegis Elavator’s engineering & design philosophy dictates that the customer must be able to choose from a vast range of interior design and style choices – ranging from elegant to opulent, from functional to sophisticated, from modular to artistic, from classic to newgen, and from high-performance to optimum-comfort.



Aegis Elevator must have the inherent adaptability to make them optimal choices for diverse building types (apartment / office complexes, shopping centres, hotels, hospitals, public venues). They should have minimum building interfaces, thus increasing rentable / usable space.

Intelligent use of space, tangibly quiet and swift transportation, efficacious traction technique, car size scalability for easy adaptation to various shaft dimensions… …all these are factors that govern design at Aegis.

In sum, every Aegis Elevator must be an innovative engineering solution for the mobility challenges of today’s busy urban life.


Imaginative color & material combinations: From the classic / digital printed Stainless Steel ambience to newgen environs featuring transparent / colored / back-painted Glass / Mirror elements… … Architecturally designed cabin interiors, Round or square, straight / curved (wave) walls and ceilings, energy-saving LEDs to elaborate ambient lighting… … … …Aegis pulls out all stops on style and traveller experience.