Respond well to the first call; fix it well the first time

Service: At Aegis Elevator, knowledge-sharing and problem-sharing are fundamental operative philosophies. Your call is received by a 24x7 Customer Care Cell that is well-trained to understand the technicalities of your problems and redirect it to the right service & maintenance teams– they have the expertise to determine whether the call should be routed to our round-the-clock back-up service, or to specialist field engineers.

Thus, the team that attends to your problem is pre-equipped with the knowledge of problem-specifics, and is able to solve it in the quickest possible downtime, banking on their technical know-how and on-field experience.

Our technical & engineering teams undergo continual training & upgrade, and conform to the stringent quality and performance guidelines of AEGIS.

Superior workmanship, rigorous supervision of installation, meticulous testing and adjustment, optimum performance minus excuses, all these are vital components of AEGIS’s own percept of Total Elevator System Solution expertise.

Even after we solve the technical aspects of your problem, we believe our services are not complete until we see that smile of satisfaction on your face. So, please don’t forget to give us that smile.

Thank you, in advance.

Maintenance Solutions:

The reliability, durability and performance of Elevators depend on regular inspections, pre-emptive maintenance and stringent safety check-ups conducted by experts. This will also reduce operation, repair and downtime costs, and ensure excellent user experiences across longer timeframes.

As part of the Aegis maintenance regimen, our experienced Service Engineers conduct comprehensive inspections and technical surveys (to determine running efficiency and reliability) of the equipment routinely.