HR Perspectives

Right technologies add meaning to products; Right people add meaning to technology:

Over the years, Aegis has assimilated an exceptional expertise pool – experienced industry veterans in leadership positions, highly qualified managerial teams, engineering teams with cutting edge exposure, finance professionals with sterling track records, and trained, tested and trusted field staff.

This human asset is continuously nurtured by a culture of empowerment, the highlights of which are:

  • Employee involvement in the company’s core activities, in real terms.
  • Inspirational leadership, which allows direct access and communication.
  • Acknowledgement & rewarding of employee initiative, performance and innovation.
  • Tangible commitment to people development & follow-up measures.
  • Creation & maintenance of an environment of safety, customer respect, quality commitment,active integrity and earned trust.
  • We have well defined HR Policy.

In sum,every Aegis employee has The Choice To Rise.